Mitsubishi updates the Shogun


shogun better 400

Less hardcore to look at than before and 70% different, that’s the new Mitsubishi Shogun. A new Diamond model tops off three- and five-door ranges whose prices span £22,949-£34,999.

Diesel power is now the only option and automatics are sprinkled throughout. The Commercial (£19,439 inc VAT) is short wheelbase only and tows 2.8t.
Mitsubishi says a Shogun is not a fashion accessory. Though, after a gander at a maximum-bling Elegance or Diamond model in drug-dealer black, you might not agree.

One sure thing is that the simple chassis, beam back axle and gruff 3.2 litre four-pot engine are last decade’s technology, despite a shift to common rail fuelling and a claimed refinement improvements.

This old/new contrast produces a car of two parts. On top is an all-new, neatly-finished cabin with up to seven seats, rafts of electronics, satnav and a truly head bangin’ stereo in the higher models.


shogun dash 300Underneath is fidgety suspension and  the engine’s constant grumbles and woodpecker tappings. Power has edged up a little to 158hp (168hp with the five-speed automatic), yet overtaking still needs faith and a clear view of the horizon.

Handling makes a blunt pin look sharp, an 80mph cruise is too hard on the ears.
Yet off the road, everything changes. Drop in to low range, lock the centre diff and the Shogun just crabs and claws its way over hostile country, traction control busily shifting torque around. In the dry on grippy tyres it’s almost unstoppable.

The revamped Shogun will set the faithful a-tingle, that’s for sure. But we’d bypass the bling versions, buy a low-spec model and use it hard off road — that’s what it does best.

SHOGUN DATA: 3.2 litre, four-cyl turbodiesel. 168hp/275lbf ft, claimed 0-62mph 12.2sec (auto). Insurance group 13A-15A, Co2 244-278g/km, towing capacity 3,200kg, kerb weight 2,130kg. Warranty three year/unlimited miles, service 9,000 miles. On the road £22,549-£34,999, Commercial (swb) £19,439.



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