Monster RMH mixer-wagons

RMH has launched a new series of high-capacity vertical mixer wagons suited to the larger dairy unit.   

The WAV35 (pictured) has a capacity of 35m3 and features three vertical augers, each with 12 blades, and costs about £40,000 depending on specification required. 

Larger machines with a capacity of 40m3 and 45m3 are also available.  The tub is carried on a rolled steel chassis over a twin-steering triple axle with a net weight of 13.5 tonnes.  The WAV35 is the same width as the smaller WAV26 and, thanks to its two steering axles, enjoys the same degree of manoeuvrability. 

RMH Mixer Wagons 2

RMH offers a range of unloading options including front cross conveyer, side and rear doors and folding elevators to suit virtually all situations.  The wagons are available from RS Agribusiness, the sole importer of RMH mixers for Great Britain and Ireland.

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