Mounted Kuhn mowers make headland turns less tiresome

Two new centrally-articulated mounted mower-conditioners have joined the Kuhn line-up.

Like larger models in the range, the FC243 GII and FC283 GII use the French manufacturer’s hydraulic ‘Lift Control’ system that raises the bed for headland turns on a spool-valve. This means there is no need to lift the linkage, avoiding potential damage to pto shafts and UJs.

Like Claas’ Contour mowers, the central mounting point and hydro-pneumatic suspension means that the mower bed can hug the ground more effectively. 

Having passed through the conditioner unit, grass can be dropped in swaths of varying widths or distributed across the full working width thanks to a new adjustable spreader hood.

The unit is protected by a hydraulic break-back system which also serves to swing the disc-bed through 90deg to follow behind the tractor for transport.

Price for the 2.4m model is £8913, while the 2.8m version costs £9364.


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