Mowing made easy with the new Krone EasyCut 9140

 The lightest triple disc-mower on the market – that’s how Krone is billing its new EasyCut 9140 mowing rig.

According to the German manufacturer, its light weight reduces fuel use and power requirement which stands at a recommended minimum of 170hp for a conditioner-equipped version.

The butterfly-configuration unit covers a working width of 8.7m (28ft). Spanning such wide bouts, there is a chance of misses and stripes on corners. To counter this, the maker has allowed for a 380mm (15in) overlap between front and rear beds.

A mechanical break-back system is fitted to the rear units which allows them to pivot both back and up when an obstacle is encountered. Afterwards the mower swings back into its normal working position.

Price for an EasyCut 9140 is £23,600 with steel-tined conditioner. A belt grouper version is also available.

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