MX launches variable weight ballast blocks

Loader specialist MX has launched a new range of multi-section weight blocks that allows farmers to ballast tractors more precisely than before.

The Multimass system fits to a three-point linkage just like any other, but buyers order a base weight as well as a number of 400kg add-ons that allow them to adjust the weight on-board to suit the job. That should improve balance and traction where necessary, but reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear when the extra pounds are not needed.

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In total there are 12 configurations from 600-2,300kg, with each extra block adding 270mm to the length of the tractor’s nose. You can also order a 168-litre toolbox, which puts an extra £295 on the bill.

Blocks will fit tractors with link arms rated at Cat 2, 3 and 4. A 600kg set-up hangs 385mm out the front of the tractor and costs £1,150, while the biggest Multimass weighs in at 1,500kg, pokes 600mm out the front and costs £1,950.

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