New brake system for Valtra

VALTRA HAS announced the introduction of some new options for its T, M and XM tractors.

The firm’s T-series machines – specified with electronically controlled hydraulics – can now be supplied with an exhaust-brake.

Commonly found on HGVs, this type of engine braking system is claimed to effectively reduce speed without the use of regular brakes – avoiding overheating and brake fade.

In effect, a hydraulically activated valve situated in the exhaust system between the turbo and the silencer restricts gas flow, slowing the engine.
With the exhaust closed down, Valtra says that the engine effectively acts as a compressor. The force required to compress the gases within the cylinders and primary section of the exhaust system acts as a brake on the tractor.

The exhaust brake can be activated using a switch on the instrument panel or by pressing a pedal on the floor. Alternatively it is operated when the normal brakes are locked together – triggered by the same switch that operates the brake lights.

Offered as part of Valtra’s 50kph package – which includes front suspension and air brakes – price for the exhaust-brake is £560.

Valtra has also announced that its T, M and XM series tractors are to be offered with an uprated hydraulic system for implements with a high oil-flow demand such as hydraulically-driven seed-drills, potato harvesters, etc.

The tractors are currently fitted with a pump rated at 90-litres/min which can now be boosted to 160-litres/min by simply fitting an additional load-sensing variable displacement pump.

The secondary pump has its own 70-litre oil reservoir in a similar format to the existing setup. Price of this option is £5874.

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