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New Holland Dynamic Command Transmissions

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A highly professional global dealer network and New Holland’s commitment to excellence guarantees the ultimate customer experience for every customer.

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New Holland Tractor

With transmission technology forever evolving, New Holland invites you to Drive the Change with the Dynamic CommandTM (DCT) offering.

The latest next generation of semi powershift transmissions are simple and intuitive to use. 

The 3-range, 8-speed transmission is available in both 40kph and 50kph on the T6 (115-80Hp) and 40kph on the T5 (110-140Hp) ranges.

The fuel saving Dynamic CommandTM gearbox is designed and built in house by New Holland. 

It has been specifically developed after hours of customer consultations to meet the demands of modern agriculture.

“Dual Clutch technology is made up of two separate clutches on two separate drive shafts within the transmission… it has been carefully designed to make the gearbox act and feel like a full line variable transmission in the field yet deliver greater driveline efficiency” confirms David Redman, High Horsepower Tractor Product Specialist.

“It works by utilizing the 2 clutches in synchronization, one clutch controls the odd gears 1,3,5,7 and the second the even gears 2,4,6,8. this means the transmission can change gear without any torque and power interruption to the wheels.”

“The power is transferred between the two clutches in a seamless and straightforward way: when an odd gear is disengaged by one clutch, the even gear is engaged by the second clutch within milliseconds, ensuring smooth shifting” says David.

A specific feature to note when operating the tractor on the road is the Kick Down. 

The tractor will downshift and increase the engine revs when under load, making Dynamic CommandTM the ideal partner for road haulage.

For an increase in operator comfort, Smooth Shift can be likened to the technology employed on racing motorcycles. 

This blips the engine throttle a few RPM to perfectly engage the gear for an uninterrupted shift.

What our customers say

The function that has benefited me the most is the GSM2 which acts more like an Auto CommandTMtransmission when we are in the field drilling and power harrowing.

The tractor will keep its forward speed and keep the PTO power up. The T6.180 Dynamic CommandTM has made my day to day easier because it is the all-round tractor that can perform any task Sam Carr, L E Carr & Sons

Watch Sam Carr’s video testimonial

Ground Speed Management II or GSM2 as its termed is an optional feature of the Dynamic CommandTMTransmission, it offers 3 different modes: field mode, road mode and PTO mode.

The operator can set a target speed for a selected task.

For example during cultivations, when setting a required speed of 8kph, the tractor will maintain this by utilising the transmission gears, seamlessly changing while maximising engine torque with lower engine revs for optimum fuel consumption.

The targeted speed can be altered by moving the CommandGrip™ proportional handle backwards and forwards or simply by pressing the cruise/auto function button.

The function which has benefited us the most is the Dynamic StartStop. We are finding it is improving our day to day use of the tractor – because we don’t have to use the clutch pedal as much we can just bring the tractor to a safe stop by depressing the brake pedal and there’s no need to use the clutch pedal and shift to neutral  Phil Ramsey, J & D Ramsey

Watch Phil Ramsey full video testimonial

Dynamic StartStop is another feature allowed by the design of the transmission, offering the operator the ability to control the tractor on the brakes without depressing the clutch pedal, just like driving an automatic car.

This is especially useful when used in combination with loader work. Once the task is dealt with, the operator can simply release the foot brake pedal and drive will be resumed.

David Redman, New Holland Tractor Product Specialist summarises “Our Dynamic CommandTM Transmission can be described as the Swiss army knife. 

The transmission has all the tools for any application around the yard, on the road or in the field.  Ideally suited to the most experienced operator and equally intuitive to the new starter, the overlapping speed ranges in each gear ensure maximum efficiency and operator comfort. 

The extra benefit is to the customer’s pocket – with the Dynamic CommandTM transmission giving low cost of ownership due to proven fuel efficiency through independent DLG testing.”

Mark Crosby, New Holland Marketing Manager UK/ROI says, “To celebrate the 125th anniversary of New Holland, we have a special £1250 customer bonus on a limited number of T5.140 and T6,180 Dynamic CommandTM models available for sale until 31 March 2021. 

There has never been a better time to upgrade.”

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