New Holland launches low profile economy TS-A tractors

LOW-PROFILE economy models of New Holland’s mid-range TS-A tractors are now available.

By the manufacturer’s own admission, previously the 100-140hp range failed to satisfy two important requirements. Potential customers were put off by the price and complexity of standard specification machines while the tractors’ height limited access to some farm buildings.

It is these criticisms which the company says it has tried to address with its Delta models. Shortening the exhaust stack and cab by 15cm (6in) reduces overall height to 2.7m (8.8ft) and it is hoped that lower spec engines coupled with simplified transmissions and hydraulic systems will attract those customers concerned about the high levels of technological sophistication on standard models.

The 101hp, 112hp and 116hp Delta engines have a mechanical fuel injection system and two valves per cylinder.

Three transmission choices are available – 12F/12R Synchro Command with mechanical shuttle; 24F/24R Dual Command with two-stage splitter and clutchless shuttle or 16F/16R Electro Command with four-speed powershift.

Delta models are also equipped with the company’s mechanical quick lift/drop Lift-o-Matic linkage control which is claimed to be simple to operate and maintain. However automatic pto engage/disengage and diff-lock control are retained.


New Holland TS-A tractors


Power (hp)



TS100A Delta


4-cyl, 8-valve turbo


TS100A Plus 


 4-cyl, 8-valve turbo-intercooler 


TS110A Delta 


 4-cyl, 8-valve turbo-intercooler 


TS110A Plus


 4-cyl, 16-valve turbo-intercooler 


TS115A Delta 


6-cyl, 12-valve turbo-intercooler


TS115A Plus


6-cyl, 12-valve turbo-intercooler


TS125A Plus 


6-cyl, 24-valve turbo-intercooler 


TS135A Plus 


 6-cyl, 24-valve turbo-intercooler £46,257

 * Electronic engine management – power boost of up to 26hp


Remaining models in the TS-A range have now been given a “Plus” designation. With this a 17F/16R gearbox is introduced to reduce engine revs at its 40kph top speed. Power is transferred along the pto driveshaft through 17th gear directly to the rear axle, bypassing the main transmission. The combination of lower engine speeds and this simplified driveline is claimed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.


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