New Holland launches the new 9000 series articulated tractors

High-horsepower articulated-steer tractors may represent a niche market in the UK, but across Europe and particularly in the new EU member states, demand for these giant machines is growing. So much so that New Holland is to launch a new series of artic-steer tractors called the T9000 series.

The four-model range, rated at 389hp-543hp, is only available in wheeled form and the firm believes interest in artic-steer wheeled tractors is likely to be strong among those with fragmented holdings. It reckons the 385hp T9030 and 485hp T9050 will appeal most to farmers in the UK.

All models have an Iveco Tier III-compliant engine. This 13-litre unit delivers a 40% torque rise under load, taking peak power to 541hp for the T9050. Both the T9050 and the larger T9060 rated at 543hp incorporate a second turbo driven by exhaust gases to boost power output. The V8 engine is used across the New Holland range and can also be found powering CR9080 Elevation combines and FR9050 foragers.

Jorin Grimsdale, NH’s product specialist for tractors of more than 250hp, says the popularity of wheeled variants is due in part to the wider choice of tyres compared with 10 years ago and the high cost of replacing tracks.

“Tyre technology has advanced greatly in the past decade. For customers with transport issues there are now larger single tyres capable of transmitting high power levels – for example, the 900/60R42,” he said.

Power is delivered through a 16+2 full powershift, with the torque controlled in the first three gears to protect the transmission. And with equal front-rear weight distribution, dual wheels and the capacity to ballast to 24t, traction on the 9000 series certainly should not be an issue.

This summer New Holland will also be demonstrating its new CR9090 Elevation combine, which the company claims has the largest throughput of any combine harvester on the market. Fitted with a 10.7m (35ft) header, it is capable of cutting 1600ha (4000 acres) a season.

“We will sell the CR9090 to a customer with a good spread of crops – OSR, barley, a high proportion of wheat and a few peas and beans – to do 4000 acres in the south of England,” said NH combine specialist Adrian Woods.

New Holland’s 9000 Series range of big square balers have also been upgraded, with higher bale density and Isobus compatability. These run from the BB9040 to the BB9090 and have single panel access, rear view camera, large-tyred twin axles and improved bale eject system.

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