New Holland revamps sub-100hp tractor ranges

New Holland has revamped its three sub-100hp tractor ranges, adding cleaner, higher hp engines. The TL-A models now become the T5000 range, the TDD tractors are replaced by the TD5000 range and the TND-A tractors become the T4000 range.

T5000 range

Four models ranging from 76hp to 106hp models replace TL-A-series tractors.

At the heart of the changes is a revised power-plant. Prompted by more stringent Tier 3 emissions rules, the T5000’s 4.5-litre turbocharged engine gains an air-to-air intercooler, but retains mechanical fuel injection and a simple two-valve per cylinder head design.

As well as being cleaner, the new models are between 4hp-6hp more powerful. The largest – the T5060 – breaches the 100hp barrier for the first time, unlike the outgoing TL100-A it replaces.

Across the board there is between 14%-16% more torque available and the maximum reserve available is 100rpm lower than before at 1300rpm.

There are three specification levels, each with a different choice of transmission.

Eco versions have an all-mechanical 20F x 12R box with creep range, single-speed pto and one spool-valve

Classic 12F x 12R variants lose the creep speeds, but gain a clutchless power-shuttle , three-speed pto and an extra spool-valve

Deluxe models boast a clutchless gear-splitter to up the total number of ratios to 24F x 24R and also gain a clutch dump button to allow pedal-free gear changes. Spec list also includes air-con, air-seat and big telescopic wing-mirrors.

As many of the Italian-built T5000s will be sold with a loader, New Holland has upgraded the tractor’s hydraulics. A flow-sharing valve allows the steering system’s separate 40-litres/min oil-pump to boost the standard circuit to 80-litre/min through a factory-fitted mid-mounted spool-block.

Its 2.5m height and a new front-axle design that allows the tractor to turn tighter should make work in cramped corners a good deal easier.

TD5000 range

New Holland’s 88hp TD5040 and 95hp TD5050 tractors replace the previous three 80-94hp TDD models. These Italian-built compact-format models now have Tier 3-compliant 4.5 litre 4-cylinder engines with turbochargers and intercoolers.

Two 40kph transmissions are offered, a 12×12 Synchro Shuttle with synchronised reverser and a 20 x 12 Synchro Shuttle with creep speeds as standard. The cab has a flat floor, new electronic speedo and worklights. Air-con and an air-seat are available as options.

T4000 range

Four new T4000 models replace the previous four TND-A series. All models have increased power, reduced noise and fuel consumption and are Tier 3 compliant. The 65hp T4020 and 78hp T4030 models have Iveco four-cylinder 3.2 litre engines, while the 86hp T4040 and T4050 machines have bigger NH NEF 4.5-litre powerplants.

Three transmissions are offered, a 16×16 Synchro shift with clutchless power shuttle, a 32 x 16 with clutchless splitter and power shuttle and a 44 x 16 with clutchless splitter, power shuttle and creep speeds. The optional Blue cab has air-con.