New Holland sells its first UK T4040 cabless tractor

You might think that cabless tractors had pretty much disappeared from manufacturers’ price-lists in the UK a long time ago.

However, New Holland reports that it has just sold its first New Holland cabless T4040 ROPS tractor in the UK. The tractor was sold by Yorkshire dealer Townson Tractors and bought by livestock farmer Mark Nelson of Bull and Cave Farm in Clapham, Lancashire.

He ordered it with a foldable ROPS (roll over protection structure) rather than a cab, so that the machine can get into the farm’s low-roofed sheds and buildings. Cabless tractors may sound retro these days, but Mr Nelson specified the 86hp tractor with 4wd and a fully-modern clutchless power shuttle to make loader work quicker.

Cabless New Holland T4040