New levelling loaders for John Deere tractors

John Deere is now offering hydraulic self-levelling as an option on its fore-end loaders for tractors from 72hp to 140hp.

Previously, buyers had the choice of mechanical levelling. The hydraulic option is said to maintain the greater crowd and dump angles associated with non-self-levelling loaders.

Twin slave cylinders displace oil to the crowd rams as the loader is raised, keeping the attachment carriage level.

The system also provides two different operating modes. Changing the position of a set of locking pins switches from automatic levelling to a setting which means the carriage tilts backwards as the loader lifts – best suited to bucket work.

Lift heights range from 3.5m to 4.2m and capacities from 1.8t to 2t. Hydraulic self-levelling adds £311 to the loader price.