New machines on display at Danish Agromek show

There was plenty to see at this week’s Agromek Show in Denmark, as Emily Padfield found.

Praestbro electric powered buggy
Danish company Praestbro has expanded its range of electric vehicles to include an all-terrain buggy aimed at the hunting fraternity. The EG6020 has two 4kW motors which operate the rear and front axles and a top speed of 25mph. It can travel more than 40 miles on a full charge. Prices start at around £7800.


Leica Geosystems
First seen at Cereals 2008 earlier this year, this Leica Geosystems RTK system provides an ultra-accurate signal for GPS-guided tractors. It can also be hooked up to a mobile wireless network and will automatically send an error code to the local machinery dealer if there’s a problem with a tractor or other farm machine.


He-Va King-Roller

Danish company He-Va used the event to launch its King-Roller cambridge rolls. With operating widths of 12.5-15.3 m, rolls are equipped with rings of up to 60 cm (24in) and are made up of five independent sections with central suspension. A hydraulic weight balance system with centrally mounted pressure accumulator spreads the frame’s weight evenly, while a novel folding system reduces travelling width to 3m (10ft). An automatic lock system and hydraulic brakes come as standard, and the King-Roller costs from £29,195 to £36,250. UK importer is Opico.


Samson SG slurry tanker
This Samson SG slurry tanker has a swan neck instead of a traditional hitch to help shift weight in front of the tractor’s rear axle, helping to distribute load more evenly. The choice of swan neck shape can be  matched to the size and shape of different tractor models, as well as to different tyre fittings, so manoeuvrability, turning circle and traction are also said to be improved. It’s available in two sizes, the 23cu m twin axle and 28 cu m triple axle. Prices start at £160,000.


Helix Alpro seed cleaner
Following the success of Helix Alpro’s seed cleaner for culinary-use oilseeds, it has developed a version that can deal with all types of cereals at a rate of 2-3.5 tonnes/hr. The machine uses a mixture of pneumatic and mechanical cleaning to produce a cleaner sample than a conventional system, the company claims.


Kvik-Pak front mounted press
Danish company Kvik-Up makes this front-mounted press which can be set either to the front, right or left of the tractor, making it ideal for use as a packer roller during ploughing. When set in front mode, the Kvik-Pack can be used as part of a drill combination or as a further cultivation tool. Parallel-linked hydraulic rams transfer the packer from left to right, meaning the cultivator stays front-facing and maintains downward pressure. It’s available in widths from 2.1m to 3m, and prices start at £5700.


CMN mechanical weeder

Designed to eradicate couch and other stubborn grass weeds, the Kvik-Killer KK400 cultivator from Danish company CMN has heavy duty tines to loosen soil before it passes through a PTO-powered rotor system. This rotates slowly against the driving direction with heavy curved tines. These tines are spaced at 10cm centres, allowing stones to pass through, while a hydraulic auto-resent lets the machine lift if it hits larger items. Roots are pulled up to the surface, while the rotor means little soil is left with them to allow them to germinate. Prices start from about £10,000.


Fasterholt Irrigator
Designed for the large-scale irrigation operator, the Fasterholt self-propelled irrigator had its first outing at Agromek. Using an engine powered by a water turbine, the hose drum is able to be controlled more accurately and there is no unnecessary pressure on the hose, allowing the machine to operate in curves without the hose having to be moved. With a capacity of 40 to 60cu m and a length of between 550 and 600m, the machine also has a solar panel for charging the starter unit. Priced from £42,700.   



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