New model helps boost Massey Ferguson profile

Massey Ferguson’s 5400 series tractor range is extended through the addition of a new model which coincides with the launch of a new transmission option for the units.

Rated at 125hp, the new 5470 becomes the flagship model in the 5400 range.

According to Massey Ferguson, the 75-125hp tractor sector is one of the widest in terms of the demands it makes on tractor performance and capability.

“This sector contains livestock, mixed and arable farming, so on one hand the tractor needs to be an accomplished loader and pto machine, on the other hand it needs to be a strong arable performer in the field and in haulage,” says Declan Hayden, vice president marketing for Massey Ferguson.

The 5470 is aimed at the top end of this market and is classed by the Agco-owned company as a compact four-cylinder workhorse.

The new model is powered by a 4.4-litre Sisu engine which is turbocharged and intercooled.

When it comes to gearing the MF 5470 is equipped as standard with the new Dyna-4 transmission – a downscaled version of MF’s Dyna-6 box launched last year.

The transmission is also an option – in place of the standard 16 forward 16 reverse speedshift – on the remainder of the 5400 series.

The Dyna-4 box is built in the Gima factory in Beauvais, France – the same factory where the Claas Hexa-shift transmission is produced.

The transmission offers four powershift steps in each of the four ranges available – giving 16 forward and 16 reverse gears and a top speed of 40kph.

Much like the Dyna-6 set-up, operators can set the shuttle sensitivity via a rotary dial on the right hand console.

This can be used to set the aggression of the direction change from harsh – when fast cycle times are required – to smooth for delicate operations such as stacking pallets.

The Dyna-4 box retains most of the Dyna-6 transmission features – such as speed matching in all ranges – but does not feature the auto drive function, where the machine will automatically change gear through the selected range.

A further addition to the revised MF 5400 series tractors is the availability of the firm’s quad-link front suspension across the range.

The firm claims that the suspension system – which can be deactivated for precision loader work – not only improves operator comfort but also increases traction by as much as 20%.

Pricing has not yet been finalised, but the range – in line with other Massey Ferguson tractors – will be offered to the UK market in three different specifications, denoted comfort pack, comfort plus and lastly privilege pack.