New rotary toppers from Opico and Spearhead

The advent of spring has prompted a fresh flush of pasture toppers.

Both Opico and Spearhead have new rotary mowers on offer.

Opico’s new Bush Hog Flex Wing is a trailed, folding unit with 4.5m (15ft) cutting width.

Bush Hog 2715

New Alabama-built Bush Hog rotary toppers have been beefed up

Six foam-filled aircraft tyres ensure the three double-skinned decks accurately follow contours. Power requirement is 100hp and the price stands at £13,487.

At the other end of the scale, the 1.5m-2m (5ft-7ft) Bush Hog 320 is a rigid, mounted machine which can handle scrub up to 90mm (3.5in) in diameter.

Its frame has been beefed up enabling it to withstand the stress of the blades hitting the odd stump or fallen tree. Prices start from £3332.

Spearhead topper

Spearhead’s new 4.2m rotary topper folds for transport and is linkage mounted

Spearhead’s latest offering comes in the guise of a three-point linkage-mounted 4.2m (14ft) folding wing topper.

Drive shafts are protected by slip-clutches and the three twin-blade rotors have special fins to create a suction effect for a clean cut.

Triple blade rotors can be specified as an option as can extra wheels to ensure that the wings ride over lumps and bumps.

Horsepower requirement is said to be between 80hp and 100hp and prices start from £12,088.

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