New Samson slurry tanker gets extended body

Danish slurry specialist Samson has unveiled its tri-axle PG II 28 slurry tanker. It is 35cm longer than the PG27 it replaces to provide more space for large dribble bar booms.

The company has also taken the chance to extend the standard kit list, and will offer hydraulic wheel drive as an option. 

The capacity of the new model is 27.8cu m, which sits some way below the biggest 34.5cu m version, but it still comes with a 12.6t unladen weight and can be ordered with Nokian 800/60 R34 radials.

Samson slurry tanker

© Samson

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The undercarriage of the PG II 28 has been modified to provide greater compression of the hydraulic suspension system, which has increased the clearance between the wheels and the ground by up to 50% when the front axle is lifted.

This should allow drivers to substantially increase the pressure on the drawbar eye, says Samson, which will help when pulling heavy implements up steep hills. 

The pivot point of the rear three-point hitch/linkage has been lowered as well, to reduce the strain on both it and the implement as dribble bars continue to get wider and heavier.

There’s also an option for a return-to-centre function on the pump tower – two sensors installed under the tower rim control the pivot function, so that when the pump tower returns to the transport position, its speed slowly decreases to a stop.

An audio signal alerts the driver that the centre position has been reached so the pump tower can be lowered into the waste tray.

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