New six-wheeled Fendt tractor breaks cover – video

A prototype tri-axle Fendt tractor has been spotted on the back of a truck in the manufacturer’s home town of Marktoberdorf in southern Germany.



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Published on German magazine DLZ’s website, the picture shows the 9m long machine in Fendt’s trademark metallic green and silver show livery.  


Rumour has it that the big six-wheeler will be on show at Agritechnica in Hanover from 13th – 17th Nov.


Video of another tri-axle tractor has also been doing the rounds on the internet. It shows an enormous machine working with an equally enormous set of discs, tearing round like a bat-out-of-hell.


See the video. (Click on the left-hand button to save, click on the right to open and watch it).


From what we could gather – although our knowledge of Czech isn’t that great – it steers on both front and rear axles and there is some form of suspension that allows the driver to romp along at such a fantastic pace.


Could it be the big Fendt undergoing testing in disguise? Or is it a completely different machine built by an eastern European company like Russian tractor maker Kirowetz?

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