New Sulky drill from Rustons Engineering works in all conditions

The latest drill from Rustons Engineering is the Sulky Easydrill, designed to work on both min-tilled and ploughed land.

It weighs more than 1t/m, allowing it to exert 250kg pressure on each individual coulter. That means it can penetrate the toughest soils, says the company.

The fully adjustable depth control uses quick adjustment spacers to control the front press wheels and set the depth of the sowing disc.

Unusually, the Easydrill also has a hydraulic ram in the centre of the machine which allows weight to be transferred to either the front or rear of the machine.

Rustons Sulky Easydrill

So, in hard conditions, more weight can be applied to the rear press wheels, ensuring that the slit where the seed has been placed is closed.

If, on the other hand, the ground has been ploughed or cultivated and is looser, the weight on the front press wheels can be increased to provide enough friction to allow free turning of the drilling disc.

The Easydrill also has a restyled coulter with a slimmer tip, giving good seed penetration with minimum soil disturbance, and reduced space between the disc and coulter, ensuring even depth and placement.

A braked transport axle that makes it possible to transport the drill safely and legally on the road with a full 2000-litre hopper is fitted as standard. An optional Vision SPB system that allows continuous monitoring of the hopper quantity and seed rate while working is also available.

The Easydrill 3m version is available now from £45,550 with 3m grain and fertiliser, 4m and 6m versions due 2009.

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