New ‘tele-tractor’ aims to stretch the multi-use concept

With a three-point linkage, reversible seat and steering rear axle on its new concept ‘tele-tractor’ McCormick aims to stretch the multi-use concept further than current job-sharing handlers.

Making its debut at Agritechnica, the 150hp machine attracted plenty of attention and debate as to whether this type of multi-purpose handler really could replace the tractor?

“The aim is to combine the flexibility of both the telehandler and general farm tractor in one machine,” explains the firm’s Ray Spinks.

In addition to the loader’s three-stage telescopic boom is a 4.5t capacity three-point linkage with electronic control and 540/1,000rpm pto.

The permanent four-wheel drive vehicle has four-wheel steering which, as well as providing the usual modes, allows the rear-wheels to steer independently. This combines with the seat being able to swing through 180° for reverse-drive operation.

mccormick teletractorThe TTH – Tractor Tele Handler – is powered by a 150hp Sisu four-cylinder engine. This powers a new Electronic Variable Transmission (EVT) which couples a three-stage powershift to a hydrostatic pump and motor. This offers three speeds in three ranges and is said to provide a top speed of 50kph.

Drive to the Carraro axles is through shafts with a limited slip differential on the front and an electro-hydraulic lock on the rear. Braking is by integral wet disc brakes.

Handler-wise, the three-stage boom will lift a maximum payload of 3.5t to a height of 8.6m. Towing capacity is 9t.

The new machine has been developed entirely using facilities within the Argo Group (parent company of McCormick, Landini and Laverda) and is built in the firm’s Breganze factory in Italy.

McCormick TTH

150hp, 4-cyl Sisu


EVT – 3-stage powershift and hydrostatic unit

Lift capacity 


Lift height 


Forward reach 


Linkage lift capacity 


Top speed