Offbeat Case IH Rowtrac 380 to go on sale at end of 2015

Case IH’s striking Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVX tractor will get its first UK outing at Lamma 2015 in January.

Fitted with wheels at the front and tracks at the back, the Rowtrac was originally expected to be a niche product for growers with difficult soils. However, feedback from farmers suggests it could be a popular set-up for large arable farmers and contractors generally.

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The Rowtrac combines the manoeuvrability and handling ability of a wheeled tractor, says the company, but floats over the ground like a tracked machine. Big tyres on the front wheels reduce ground pressure by up to 40%, it adds, while the rear tracks pivot to maintain a flat footprint.

Unlike a twin-track machine, the Rowtrac is said to produce very little scuffing of the soil, even when turning sharply on headlands. So there’s no need to carry out extra passes to correct the damage.

Compared with a twin-track machine, says Case IH, the Rowtrac reduces the pressure exerted on the soil, not to mention forward/backwards pitching movement. Diff-locks are retained in the Rowtrac’s standard specification, however,  to maximise traction in difficult conditions.

Case IH says it will offer the Rowtrac with a choice of 16in, 18in, 24in or 30in-wide tracks, which can be set to operate at 76in, 80in, 88in or 120in centres.

Power comes from a six-cylinder FPT 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine producing 380hp normally and 435hp when power boost is operating. The CVT transmission, which uses four mechanical ranges, provides power from 0–50kph without any need to shift levers or push switches.

Aside from its rear tracks, the biggest visual change that differentiates the Rowtrac from previous Magnum models is the design of its roof, which includes a truly Christmas tree-style array of working lights totalling 14 LED units and three high-intensity discharge ones.

Case IH says it expects to deliver the first Magnum Rowtrac tractors to UK customers at the end of 2015. No price has been set yet.