Opico’s straighforward drier

A mobile drier aimed at farmers wanting a simpler and cheaper model than the current 12t model has been launched by Opico. The Magna 120E has a slightly smaller drier area that cuts the overall build cost of the machine, and lacks some of the more sophisticated electronic features. It has a 12t capacity and 5t/hr throughput, depending on the conditions and moisture of the grain, and costs £28,111 rather than £31,729.

The company has also noticed an increased interest for electric powerpacks to power mobile driers. Fewer farmers are finding they have a spare tractor to run a mobile drier, and are opting for a Magna power pack instead. Available in three sizes, 37kW, 45kW and 75kW, the models are enough to cope with 12t, 20t and 29t driers, respectively. Apart from having the bonus of running on electric, the motors are also much quieter than having a tractor revving through the night. The 37kW model costs £5,084, and the largest is £8,133.

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