Opico Sward Slitter to be demonstrated at Scotgrass

Visitors to Scotgrass on 11 May will be able to see a working demonstration of Opico’s new Sward Slitter, designed to remove surface compaction and capping and aerate the sward root zone.

Opico managing director James Woolway explains: “Slitting improves the aeration of plant roots in the upper soil surface and stimulates grass and clover growth. It also encourages evaporation of moisture in the surface layer of soil so that it dries out more quickly – so promoting earlier growth in the spring.”

Opico’s Sward Slitter was first launched at last September’s Dairy Event. It consists of a heavy duty frame and weight-carrying rack with the slitting axle fitted with 18 rotors, each with four blades, to give a total of 72 blades.

The design includes a chamfered trailing edge which limits the turf damage made as each knife comes out of the soil.

There are now two widths of machine available: The original with a 2.9m working width and 3m transport width costing £3750 and a narrower model with 56 blades and 2.5m transport width costing £3729.

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