Padco Comet destoner is highly manoeuvrable

Developed by Essex farmer Charles Padfield, the Padco Comet differs from other de-stoners in a number of ways.

Most obviously, it is mounted rather than trailed, making it much more manoeuvrable for headland turns.

In addition, rather than using shares, it uses an aggressive powered rotor to lift soil onto the first row of stars. This alone has a clod-shattering effect and avoids the smearing that shares can produce, according to its maker.

Nine rows of stars provide separation, with every third set lower than the others to provide a tumbling, boiling effect. Each star rotor is driven by its own hydraulic motor, with just the leading soil-lifting rotor powered by double Duplex chains.

Claimed to be 50% faster than traditional machines, the Comet can work at speeds of up to 6kph. A two row version has a 150hp power requirement and costs £27,000.


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