Patchwork now offers an autosteer package

The Precision Farming Event produced a good crop of new GPS devices.

Patchwork has launched its first assisted-steer system for tractors, combining its mapping and guidance systems with boom control and auto-steering technology.

The company has worked with precision agriculture manufacturer Topcon to develop the BlackBox 510 S steering system and says that it is a highly compatible package in terms of the tractors, precision farming maps, variable rate attachments and farm management software it can be used with.

It uses Topcon’s AGI-3 Receiver and AES-25 electric steering and optional RTK module and picks up signals from all available satellites. That, says the company, gives improved accuracy and better reception around hills and trees.

The optional RTK module gives an accuracy down to just 2cm and existing users of Topcon equipment should be able to retrofit the BlackBox 510 guidance unit.

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