Pixelfarming Robotics to target UK with autonomous weeder

Dutch firm Pixelfarming Robotics has its sights set on the UK market as it looks to expand sales of its autonomous, chemical-free weeding device.

Dubbed Robot One, it is able to detect and classify plants using four stereoscopic depth cameras and predictive plant-growth models.

This information can be transformed into a 3D depth map of the terrain and, combined with computer vision, allows each of the individual arms to operate within millimetres of the plant without damaging it.

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Robot One arms

© Pixelfarming Robotics

These 10 robotic arms are individually adjustable to suit different row widths and working depths, and can also host a number of attachments, including hoes, cultivators and harrows.

Robot One can be operated manually from a remote control, or autonomously on a pre-set route via RTK guidance.

Power comes from five solar panels that sit on top of the powder-coated steel frame. These recharge the lithium-ion batteries and generate enough energy for a day’s work. Up to 500Nm of torque is available at each wheel and the top speed is a stately 1m/sec (3.6kph).

The system is currently only available in the Netherlands and costs €205,000 (£171,000), but the company hopes to move into the UK and the rest of Europe in the near future.


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