Plenty of novelties at US farm show

The National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, is the biggest indoor show in the USA. There was plenty of big kit. But Jay Whetter, editor of Canadian magazine Grainews picked some smaller items, too



This Balzer chaser bin must be one of the biggest yet, with a 2000 bushel (54t) capacity that requires six 950mm tyres. It has a 610mm (24in) unloading auger that can move an amazing 1100 bushels (30t) a minute at its peak. The spout moves from side to side and in and out to aim correctly and you need a minimum of 300hp to handle the cart.



Westendorf calls its new front-end loader the Freedom Mount because you can put it on and take it off the tractor so easily. You rotate the bucket into its dump position, place it on the ground, release the connectors and back away. It stands on its own, without brackets. Westendorf makes five models of the FM loader, with sizes to fit tractors from 45 to 260hp.


Bergman Agri-Speed Hitch allows you to hook and unhook trailers quickly and without leaving the tractor cab. The end that fits over the trailer’s hitch has a 610mm (2ft) pole angled toward the tractor. The tractor end of the hitch has a V-shaped piece of steel on top that catches the trailer hitch pole. The two parts slide together as you back up, guiding the hitch parts together until the tractor part clamps on to the trailer part. To unhook, you pull a cable to release the lock on the tractor part and the trailer hitch drops.

W A Johnson


Fed up with dust from the combine obscuring your view? Two US firms that make dust management systems for Deere and Claas Lexion combine feeder houses are GVL of Litchfield, Minnesota and WA Johnson of Louisville, Kentucky.

Johnson’s Feederhouse Dust Diverter fits over the lower access hatch on the feederhouse. The hydraulically-powered fan sucks dust-filled air up into the feederhouse and blows it out the side and away from the driver’s line of sight. That way you can see clearly how the crop is feeding in dusty conditions. Price is US$1799.



If your old trailer lights have burned out or you’re pulling a wagon that has no lights at all, you can use these battery-powered, wireless EasyOn tail-lights to tell those behind you what you’re doing. They include brake lights, turn indicators and hazard lights and power comes from two rechargeable D-cell batteries.

The drawback is that you have to use a remote control unit to control the lights since they are not wired into your lighting system. When you’re braking, for example, you also have to push the remote button to activate them. Price is US$289.90.


Femco EZ Oil Shuttle could definitely make oil changes less messy. You roll the 70-litre (15gal) cart under the oil plug and let it drain. The cart has a mesh screen to catch the plug if you drop it and to prevent splashing. At 300mm (12in) tall, the shuttle will roll under most US pick-ups and probably some European ones, too. It comes with an electric pump to empty the shuttle and put oil in your holding tank. List price is US$730.



Goodall, from Minnesota, combined a welder, generator and compressor into this Power Center 2000 mobile unit. Mount it in your pick-up and you can change tyres in the field with an air wrench, weld a part, power your electric tools and run a set of work lights. There are three models starting with a 240A DC stick welder, 4kW generator and an 18cfm compressor.

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