Polaris joins the diesel farm buggy club

Polaris now offers a diesel engine option in its Ranger 4×4 farm buggy range. Called the Ranger Diesel, it has a 904cc engine putting out 24hp and giving the vehicle a 35mph top speed.

The fuel tank is a substantial 34 litres and the on-demand all-wheel drive system automatically engages 4wd when needed and reverts to 2wd when not needed. Carrying capacity is 680kg and towing capacity is 907kg.

An adjustable suspension system on all four corners can be made softer or stiffer according to the job being done. And there’s 23cm of independent suspension travel and 30cm of ground clearance.

Controls include a multifunctional digital gauge with odometer, tachometer, gear and 4wd indicator and there’s an analogue speedo. The steering can be tilted through 25cm and removable under-seat storage is available.