Pottinger mechanical drill update

The Pöttinger Vitasem ADD made its UK debut at the event as an addition to the company’s mechanical seed drill range.

Available in 3m (pictured) and 4m sizes, the machine’s seed hopper, metering mechanism and Compass control system are shared with other Vitasem models but instead of Suffolk-type coulters, the ADD models use the double disc coulters normally seen on Pöttinger’s larger trailed seeders. These enable it to work in trash-laden minimum tillage seedbeds as well as those prepared by ploughing and cultivating, points out product specialist Shaun Groom.

The coulter design positions one disc slightly ahead of the other to ease penetration and reduce the spring pressure required to achieve the required sowing depth in heavier soils.

Even so, up to 50kg pressure can be brought to bear on the discs and a staggered coulter rail results in all coulter arms being the same length for even pressure distribution and sowing depth.

In action, the “vee” configured discs open a slot for the seed, which is dispensed from a tube positioned in front of the disc axle and bearing – as far forward as possible, in other words. That way, notes Shaun Groom, when operating at a fast forward speed, the seed has time to fall to the bottom of the slot before it closes again. Each disc houses its own inboard hub – with maintenance-free sealed bearings – leaving plenty of space for soil to flow past and allow 125mm row spacing.

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