Pottinger Torro gets auto sharpening

First introduced on the Jumbo loader wagon, Pottinger’s hydraulic-driven automatic knife sharpening is now available on smaller Torro models.

The system means the Torro’s 39 knives can be sharpened in just three-and-a-half minutes (rather than an hour of manual labour) to minimise downtime.

Pottinger says regular sharpening keeps chop quality more consistent and keeping blades sharp can mean fuel savings of up to 15%. That equates to as much as £2,500 saved each season.

The on-board grindstone will manage 250-300 sharpens and operators can adjust the stone pressure to vary the degree of sharpening. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get through more blades, either – Pottinger reckons because they are kept in better shape than manually sharpened knives.

Optional on the Torro is a new combing system to clean between the knives to remove dirt and make sure it’s kept clear.
There are currently 12 users in the UK, although Pottinger expect that number to increase rapidly as farmers and contractors come to replace older machines.
Auto sharpening adds around £7,500 to the price of a wagon.

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