Professional inverters for power appliances

Ring Automotive‘s ( or 0113 213 7389) new range of four professional inverters will provide 230V AC power from 1100W to 6000W from a 12V DC vehicle so you can run anything from laptop computers to angle grinders.

Unlike some leisure inverters, they are designed to power appliances at the stated maximum wattage output continuously. This prevents interruptions and removes any doubts as to which inverter is needed for the task at hand.

The 1100W inverter also has a USB charging socket, while the 2100W, 3100W and 6000W inverters are supplied with a wireless remote control on/off.

Each features a digital display showing both the application wattage and the battery voltage. This enables the user to check how long the battery will last.

All have overvoltage, overload and thermal overload protection. They will also shut down if the voltage from the vehicle battery drops too low, leaving power to start the engine. Prices start from £175.

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