Pulling power

Spring cultivations, silage and a potentially hectic harvest workload all put a strain on available tractor power.

But with a little spare capital, some carefully thought out plans and a bit of time on a rainy day, it’s possible to buy some serious horsepower for little more than the cost of a decent family estate car.

The underlying factor is bang-per-buck.

You want horsepower first and foremost, but there’s a catch – you’ve got a maximum of £20k to spend.

A scour of Farmers Weekly’s classified adverts reveals three useful examples that all pack on or around the 200hp-mark and fall neatly within budget.

And it’s a mixed bunch – two are regular four-wheel drives, while one is an articulated beast that shows just what could be added to the fleet if you’re prepared to look around.

Two of them are cheap enough to provide some spare capital for any unexpected running costs, while one example leaves pocket change that might pay for a tank of diesel.

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