Quad-X launches new version of Forager X10

Northern Irish company Blaney Agri has launched a new version of its Forager X10 that it says has been re-engineered to deal with the extra-heavy bales made this autumn.

The X10 can lift, load and feed bales and is said to give a fast alternative to manual forking.

Blaney adds that it has revised the Forager X10 bale carriers, making them 25% stronger. 

Drive components have been uprated, too, and more powerful hydraulics improve lift.

New feed-out spikes, a new bale chamber and novel side rollers are designed to deal with even most difficult bales.

The Forager X10 is also said to be more compact and better at getting into tight spaces and narrow passageways.

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The safety guards that protect livestock from injury are now 50% stronger and more compact, says the company, and extra-thick 50mm sprung tines help on the road.

The Forager X10L, a loader/telehandler version of the bale unroller, is also being built to the same specification.

Fitted to any front loader or telescopic, it can stack bales and feed silage along passageways, put them into feeders or unroll them into mixer wagons to speed up processing times.

Price is £4,400.