Quicke and Trima loaders now in economy form

The Swedish maker of Quicke and Trima front loaders plans to unveil the Versa-X handler in both ranges at Agritechnica. Lift heights and capacities are similar to those on the existing Quicke Dimension and Trima Plus loaders but come in a more economical package.

“This is a crossover design that meets demand for an economy loader but offers more in terms of features and specification,” says Urban Hadarsson, Ålö director of product management. “It will be an addition to our range for tractors from 40hp to 120hp.”

The loader has a distinctive appearance with a low “knee” section where the main and outer booms join, and with a very low position for the single connecting tube. Together with internally routed pipework and the wrap-over design of the linkage on mechanical self-levelling versions, these design features help forward visibility.

Unusually, different bearing boxes can be specified to fit the new loader to an older tractor and mounting system.

Conventional and multi-coupler hydraulic connections are available with either cable-operated or electric joystick control. The latter, called EasyDrive LCS, provides proportional reaction to joystick movements and a digital display for settings.

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