Rappa adds versatility to its portable sheep-handling range

Rappa has revealed a brand new, more versatile range of mobile sheep-handling equipment that is designed to suit farmers with different size flocks.

The five new mobile-handling systems start with the Series 8 – an eight-gate lightweight buggy for flocks of up to 70 sheep.

At the other end of the scale is the Series 12 Super, which is mounted on a braked chassis for commercial shepherds and is built to cope with flocks of more than 500 animals.

Rappa's Series 10

Rappa’s Series 10 features an increased hurdle capacity

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The mid-range Series 10 features a new winch bridge position and drawbar design, as well as an increased hurdle capacity.

Series 8 Smallholder models start from £1,600, while the Series 12 Super is priced from £13,250. However, it’s worth remembering that each yard is sold in a modular format, so hurdles can be added or taken away to suit the farmer’s needs and flock size.