Red Bull tractor roars into Yorkshire

Plenty of contractors put their business name along the side of the tractor bonnet, and some will fit shiny chrome exhausts to make an extra impact.

But there can’t be many people who put as much effort into making their tractor as different as North Yorkshire contractor Chris Morrison.    

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The business, based near Ripon, has been going for 30 years and was started by his father and grandfather. Main workload chiefly consists of hedgecutting, drainage, excavations and ditch clearance.  

All sensible stuff, but when it came to replacing their Deere 6630 from local dealer Ripon Farm Services with a 6140R, Chris decided to do something a little different.

Instead of the usual JD green, they went for a purple paint job with a striking Formula One-style Red Bull logo.

The 6140R will shortly have a Bomford Buzzard 7.5m hedgecutter attached to it and there shouldn’t be any danger of mistaking it for any other tractor.

Should be a talking point on the road, too…

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