Retro-fit fix for flail machines

The MU-Sofa from specialist German flail manufacturer Muthing has launched a retro-fit hydraulic weight-transfer system, able to be installed on all known hydraulic systems. It’s been designed to deal with a number of problems associated with working with front mounted flails.

“Weight distribution imbalance between the flail and the power unit can present a number of differing problems that can affect both performance and results,” says the UK importer of Muthing machinery, Simon Richard. “The system provides hydraulic weight transfer to the front wheels of the tractor to improve stability and safety when in transit and work modes and provides attachment flotation when at work and during transit. It also allows the operator to continuously adjust the flail when working on undulating and uneven terrain.”

The intriguingly-named MU-Sofa takes four hours to fit and can be installed into all known hydraulic systems or front hydraulic three-point-linkages. Muthing also reckons that running costs will reduce due to less stress on bearings and wearing parts. The systems costs £640+VAT.

See a video clip.

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