Revolutionary tyre combines low compaction and wide footprint

A revolutionary innovation from tyre maker Trelleborg combines the advantages of a radial tyre and the low compaction benefits of a track.

The tyre has a new sidewall which uses Cup Wheel technology, which the company claims help to sustain the load while providing very low compaction and an extra-wide footprint.

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A standard sidewall will flex externally when under load whereas the new design has an internal sidewall with a carcass structure that spreads the load over the tyre.

The new design allows the tyre to work to 100% of its potential efficiency, while it will be targeted at vineyards and orchards who need grip and stability on slopes but have to protect root systems in narrow working corridors.

Progressive Traction technology is featured on the tread which helps the tyres to stay clean and improve traction, claims the company.


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