RockFit trailer plug and lights can take hard use

Fed up with lights blowing and 7-pin plugs breaking on farm trailers and other road-going machinery? Irish company RockFit reckons it has an all-but-unbreakable alternative to the cheap-and-cheerful set-ups fitted by some manufacturers.

On the 7-pin plug, the usual ABS plastic has been replaced with a stainless steel insert and TPE outer moulding that can take 3.5t of pressure before it distorts. Even then, says the firm’s Steve O’Mara, the plug will carry on working.

The usual brittle PVC cable, meanwhile, has been replaced with a silicon-based insulation that is said to be resistant to moisture, UV, dirt, silage and water. There’s also a layer of steel-wire armour throughout, which goes back to a completely watertight junction box.

From there, more armoured cable takes power to two rear LED lamps. These are said to have a working life of 100,000 hours. Instead of ABS plastic lenses, they are resin-filled to make them waterproof, pressure-washer-proof and strong enough to be driven over.

The system comes with a 10-year warranty. Cost for the 6.5m kit is £85 + £15 delivery, while the 10.5m version sells at £99 + delivery. Other lights can be added, too.

Sales are direct from the Shannon, ROI company at

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