Grimme field loader produces cleaner spud samples

Grimme has launched a 62hp field loader designed to reduce trash content in the harvested sample.

The 120t/hour CleanLoader is built around Grimme’s 21cu m self-emptying receiving hopper, which automatically feeds on to twin coil units for constant crop flow through the machine.

The first set of coils provides intense soil separation, while the second coil unit can be used either for additional separation or pre-grading of the crop depending on conditions.

The Grimme CleanLoader at work

The standard, double-sided picking table following the coils has built in trash conveyors for simple crop inspection. Two hedgehog belts then transfer the crop from the table onto the 120cm wide cart elevator.

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The elevator has a 25deg (or 6.5m) pivot range for easy filling and the 7m overloading length means it is possible to unload over small hedges or ditches.

The swan neck design of the cart elevator also sees the crop dropped deep inside the trailer to reduce the likelihood of bruising.

Other spec details to note include Grimme’s VC50 touchscreen control unit, extendable cross conveyors and the machine uses four large wheels on a tandem axle to keep ground pressure to a minimum.