Royal Highland Show: High-spec running gear for K-Two trailers

A high-spec running gear option for K-Two Rodeo trailers is designed to improve stability on the road and when tipping, ideal for operators undertaking a lot of road haulage.

The Dutch-built Tridec system has been introduced as an alternative to regular sprung axles, along with hydraulic drawbar suspension and anti-lock brakes, to achieve a smooth on- and off-road ride with greater safety.

The Tridec system locates each axle using an “A'” frame with maintenance-free plastic bushes. Four vertical hydraulic cylinders with accumulators act as the springs and are interconnected to obtain a cross-axle and inter-axle reaction that limits chassis movement over rough ground.

“This arrangement helps stability on the road by stiffening the outer cylinders to resist roll,” says Paul Kelloway of K-Two Sales.

The hydraulics can be used to get the body level before tipping the trailer on uneven ground, using either manual control or an automatic levelling option.

A Schärmuller spoon-and-ball coupling, passive second-axle steering and air brakes can be added to the standard package, along with a full electronic anti-lock braking system.

Capacities available are from 10t to 20t in 2t increments. The hydraulic drawbar and axle suspension adds about £10,000; air brakes are £1,400, with ABS adding a further £850; and a passive-steering rear axle is priced at about £3,500.

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