RS Agri unveils a brace of UK-built bale processors

Basingstoke-based engineering firm RS Agri has launched a brace of trailed bale processors capable of blowing chopped bedding straw up to 25m.

Both the Sabre 600 and 600+ models have a 6cu m capacity and use a conveyor system to feed the bale into the beater.

It carries blockage sensors to detect any restrictions in flow and will automatically speed up, slow down and reverse the conveyor to manage the flow of material and avoid putting too much strain on the components.

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The 600+ version also carries the firm’s Vari Chop chopping system that uses flails and knives, rather than hammers, mounted to the beater to produce a clean cut when the machine is used to distribute feed.

This tends to be better at stimulating cows’ rumens than material with a frayed edge.

Hydraulically engaging the stationary knives and chopping gate sees all material processed through the concave. The position of this can be manually adjusted to vary chop length from a minimum of 30mm.

In total, there are 84 knives and 16 flails, and a high-speed flywheel sees maximum blowing distance top 25m.

A 270deg swivel chute is standard and the system can handle straw, silage, hay and haylage, in both round and square formats.

List price of the 600 model is £21,950, while the 600+ with the chopping system costs £24,850.

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