Schuitemaker goes for low gravity with latest slurry tanker


The latest low-gravity slurry tankers from Dutch manufacturer Schuitemaker hold 15,500 litres and run on 50/60R 30.5in Alliance A390 tyres to minimise ground pressure.

A hydraulic suspended drawbar with K80 ball coupling keeps travel smooth and three-point and four-point lifting systems are available.

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Tank filling can be done via a side connection on the left or right vertical docking arm or using a vertical slurry arm. There’s also scope for top filling with a hydraulic slide.

On the left-hand side of the tanker is a Börger 6,000-litre pump with eight-speed gearbox to ensure the right amount of slurry is dispensed. Electro-hydraulic control is available and all models are equipped with wide-angle pto drive shaft and road lights. 

Cost is about £65,000

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