Schulte claims to have the world’s largest rotary mower

What’s the biggest rotary mower in the world?

Canadian firm Schulte, sold in the UK through Twose, reckons it’s their new 12.8m (42ft) wide FX742 rotary cutter with its seven rotors, nine drivelines and 10 gearboxes.

It’s road-legal, too, with a 3m (10ft) transport width achieved by folding the wings in to give a 4.2m (13ft 9in) transport height. You’ll need 250hp or more of tractor power to run it, but at a typical 7-10mph forward speed you’ll certainly cover the ground.

Such big mowers are routinely used by North American and Australian farmers to cut down stubbles ahead of direct drilling and could find a home on bigger UK arable farms.

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