Scotgrass 2010: Sumo grassland subsoiler proves popular

Sumo‘s low disturbance grassland subsoiler has proved very popular, according to the company. Three, four and five-leg versions are now available, ranging from 2.3m to 2.8m working widths.

Flat scalloped discs cut a slot ahead of the 15mm-wide legs which can work at depths of 100mm to 350mm (4in to 14in). A heavy lugged roller follows and provides depth control.

Although mostly used as a pasture rejuvenation tool when fitted with a seeder unit, interest is apparently growing in using the machine as an oilseed rape establishment implement, thanks to the lower levels of weed-seed disturbance.

Price for the sub-soiler is £5995 while Sumo’s own homegrown radar-controlled seeder costs £4555.

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