See John Deere’s new 5430i self-propelled sprayer in action

John Deere’s new 5430i self-propelled sprayer with 36m boom will be put through its paces in the Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers arena at Cereals 2011.

Over 100 5430i sprayers are now at work in the UK and Ireland, providing high levels of spraying performance and productivity. The company’s European sprayer factory at Horst in The Netherlands is now producing an enhanced machine for 2011, featuring new developments in spray boom suspension and application rate control.

A unique control system known as Boom Charge automatically increases pressure in the spraying system to optimise the application rate as the sprayer is switched on and accelerates away from the headland. This system minimises any under application that may occur, thus increasing overall spray accuracy, especially in areas where forward speed is changing rapidly, and providing much more even spray coverage.

Further design changes include an all-new boom centre frame and suspension, incorporating revised geometry for the folding cylinders, hinge points and anti-yaw system. This new arrangement increases the preloading on the anti-yaw dampers, while simultaneously reducing boom yaw travel.

In addition, new software for the BoomTrac automatic boom levelling and height control system has been introduced to take advantage of this new suspension geometry. Together, these developments have provided a further increase in boom ride performance, allowing the minimum height above the target to be consistently maintained even with wider booms and at speeds of up to 20kph.

Further details of the John Deere sprayer range are available from local dealers or by visiting the company’s website.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by John Deere.

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