Shelbourne gives its header trailers four-wheel-steer

Suffolk manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds has introduced three all-wheel-steer header trailers aimed at farmers and contractors struggling to get through tight field entrances.

“Combines with headers as wide as 12m are becoming more and more commonplace in the UK as arable farm enterprises get larger,” points out Shelbourne sales and marketing director Neil Smith.

“While big machines with big cutterbars can do a lot to maximise output in the field, some of their advantage can be lost if transport becomes a problem because a long header proves slow to transport, being difficult to negotiate around lanes and through gateways.

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The new four-wheel-steer versions of the standard FW C9000, C10500 and C12000 trailers, capable of handling headers of 9m, 10.5m and 12m respectively, use the standard front end of conventional front-wheel steering FW models.

What’s new is that the front axle is connected via a pair of pull rods to each of the rear wheels, ensuring they move in the opposite way to the leading ones. So the rear of the trailer tracks the front. The result is a trailer that can manoeuvre around narrow lanes and on main roads, as well as through gateways.

FWS C9000, C10500 and C12000 header trailers can be supplied for 9m, 10.5m and 12m cutterbars from most combine manufacturers. Retail price for an FWS C12000 is £12,780.