g up for road safety

In a bid to prevent road traffic accidents a Somerset farmer has designed a simple magnetic warning sign, which attaches to the rear of farm vehicles.

Andrew Palmer came up with the idea for the sign, which reads ‘BELIEVE MY SIGNALS’, after a motorist ignored his trailer indicators. “Having recently had a near miss when turning right with my tractor and trailer, it occurred to me that a sign prompting following drivers to just pause and think before a reckless overtake, would help to reduce the number of accidents,” he said.

“There has certainly been a positive response to the sign from other farmers and the farm machinery dealers that I have approached. All recognise or have experienced the problem.”

The black-on-green, plastic signs are magnetic, can be applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces and are transferred easily between vehicles. They measure 285mm x 215mm (approx. A4 size), have a glossy, wipe-clean surface and cost £5 each including VAT.
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Accidents involving farm vehicles
Around 600 road traffic accidents a year involve farm vehicles and last year 21 of these were fatal, according to Department for Transport figures.

Research into tractor related RTA’s shows that about two-thirds of accidents are caused by other motorists and not the tractor drivers. The overtaking of slow moving tractors, while not believing or noticing that they were indicating a right turn into a field or farm entrance, is a common cause of accidents.