Silage additive pump keeps coverage even

A high-spec pump from Kelvin Cave claims to deliver silage additive consistently and evenly on to the forage crop as it is picked up or harvested. Called the Silaspray SP Standard-Maxi, it can be fitted to forage wagons, balers and forage harvesters.

“Applicators fitted to self-propelled foragers can only apply about one litre of additive per tonne of forage and only cope with water-based additives,” says company MD, Kelvin Cave. “However, the Silaspray SP Standard-Maxi is designed to deal with liquid biological or chemical silage additives, and can deliver them at rates of up to 550 litres/hour, equivalent to up to five litres per tonne of forage.”

Kelvin pump

The application rate for this preservative is about three litres per tonne of forage – depending on conditions – which means the Standard-Maxi pump is ideal for the preservative’s delivery, he says.

Other features of the Silaspray include a 12V DC/15A electric motor, electronic control, digital display of the flow rate and two integrated memory stores. An electronic cut of- switch can also be supplied so that when the forager is not picking up the crop, the pump automatically switches off.

Price for the system is £1,400.

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