SilaPactor aims to increase clamp compaction

It’s not every day you come across a machine made from train wheels, but apparently that is just the case with Kelvin Cave’s new SilaPactor.

The livestock feed specialist is launching its new linkage or loader mounted packer next month, and says that it can improve dry matter compaction density by as much as 40% compared with conventional tractor rolling.

Working width of the four-tonne machine is three metres and includes 11 individual roller rings, allowing its entire width to be used for compaction to save both fuel and time.

Kelvin Cave points out that UK farmers are currently achieving a density of 180kg/cu m of dry matter while users of the SilaPactor can manage to achieve up to 320kg/cu m.

Use of the press can also help improve dry matter retention and aerobic stability.

It is available for £6,750.


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