SIMA 2009: High density balers from John Deere

Designed for larger livestock farmers and contractors, John Deere’s 854 and 864 Premium balers produce bales with 15% higher bale density, thanks to a higher-density cylinders, idler arms and heavier duty drive chains.

They’ve also got a new 2.2m MaxiCut 25-knife pick-up, which can be adjusted by a lever to chop with lengths from 40mm to 140mm, or not at all.

The standard side panels have now been replaced with a double-skinned composite material, too. In line with these developments, the 744 Premium wrapping baler (which will replace the 678) now carries the same new features as well as auto-lube and optional auto-greasing.

Both machines will be on show at this year’s Grassland UK, but models won’t be on sale until 2010.

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